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    Members place orders and make the first payment for the products

  • Warehousing

    ShipNepal purchases, checks, weighs the product you ordered and get it stored in the warehouse.

  • Second Payment

    Upon packages stored in warehouse, members apply for shipping and make the second payment for international freight costs.

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    Track your goods anytime anywhere. Doorstep delivery by local logistics.

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What Are the Advantages of ShipNepal


When it comes to cheap and cheerful products made in China, ShipNepal is a useful, helpful and valuable tool for your cross-border business with China, no matter you are a Nepali merchant, Chinese seller, or individual from Nepal or China. ShipNepal makes you free from worries, free from effort and save your money!

Free from worries

No worries about Customs clearance and taxes both in China and in Nepal. Waybill, proforma invoice, packing list and freight invoice can be issued and downloaded online, which is convenient for your check, payment and accounting.

Free from effort

Door-to-door delivery by local logistics. ShipNepal website, mobile App, WeChat Account and Mini Program are all readily accessible at your service anytime anywhere for you to place an order, track your goods, and so on.

Save your money

It saves you a lot of shipping charges as consolidation transport lowers freight costs dramatically. It saves your money when shopping online with the help of our sourcing specialist. It saves your money by our points redemption, the more you ship & shop, the more rewards.