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  • 1.The destinations are restricted to the area within Kathmandu Valley for the time being. If the package needs transshipping to other areas out of Kathmandu, you can inquire ShipNepal through email:

    2.Please refer to the Charging Standard in Help Center to see all the details for the standards and calculation of shipping services.

    3.The shipping price includes all the international freight cost, tariff & taxes, handling charges and delivery fees if you choose DDP (Delivered Duty Paid). If you choose DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid), the shipping price does NOT include tariff & taxes which you should pay by yourself when ShipNepal clears Nepal Customs in the name of your company or individual, and you should submit your VAT/PAN, EXIM number and other documents needed to ShipNepal beforehand. In latter case, your package will be delivered after you paid off tariff and taxes to Nepal Customs.

  • 4.The quotation is for general goods, which refers to the goods with no counterfeiting, no electricity, no magnetic, no liquid, no powder, no fine particles, no cream, no food and things like that. For special goods please consult us. ( Special goods means aviation safety-related goods such as battery, cosmetics, battery-built-in goods, etc.)

  • 5.According to international practices, the chargeable weight is the larger one when comparing the actual weight with the volume weight.

    Shipping by land:

    volume weight(kg) = length(cm)X width(cm)X height(cm)/5000;

    Shipping by air:

    volume weight(kg) = length(cm)X width(cm)X height(cm)/6000;